The Art of Sketching:  Look, Draw, and Visit A Museum Each Week.
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What you'll learn in this on location drawing class:
In this after-school class we will learn practical approaches to drawing and sketching while discovering the stunning art at a different museum location, each week, along Museum Mile. 
  • Learn new ways to express your creativity in this intimate lesson and have fun at the same time.
  • Learn drawing skills focusing on the basics, such as expressive mark-making, line quality, composition, linear perspective, proportion, value (shades of gray), light and shadow, will be reviewed and reinforced during class.
  • The museum's galleries offer ample choices for burgeoning artists to sharpen their talents and all will walk away from each lesson with new skills, tips, and tricks.
  • Leave each week with new skills and confidence to begin creating anything you like.
Course 1:                                      Course 2:
Afterschool 4-5:30pm                     Saturday Morning 10-12 
Class Level: All levels                      Class Level: All levels
Age Requirements: 9-14                 Age Requirements: 11 and older
Average Class Size: 8                     Average Class Size: 10
Start Date: January 28          Start Date: March 3
Or Tuesday March. 5
(Classes are on-going)           (Classes are on-going)

(8 sessions)                                   (8 sessions)
Location: Museum Venue changes    Location: Museum Venue changes
weekly. Will receive notification        weekly. Will receive notification
from Instructor.                              from Instructor.
Price: $450                           Price $450

  • "Strathmore "Drawing Pads 6" x 8" "Strathmore" water-color pad 9" x 12" 
  • Pencils-(2) 2B Pencil, (2) 4B pencil 
  • 2 blending stumps and or chaimos cloth
  • "Micron" Pen: #2, #3 #5 
  • "Staedtler" plastic eraser and 5- arrow head erasers
  • two-holed pencil sharpener 
  • Prismacolor water-soluble Colored Pencils
  • "Jack Richeson" watercolors (16 color set)
  • "Aquash" waterbrush and small container for water
  • water color brushes #6, #8 brand is "Simply Simmons" 
A Large plastic Envelope to keep supplies in, or a Canvas tote bag. 
Art Supply Stores: Dick Blick or order online.   
Jerry’s Artarama is another good online store.  Amazon 

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