Museum Art Classes
Maria Katzman

We will visit a museum or gallery show once a week. Students will study original works
of art and create their own paintings or drawings in response to what they are looking at. How the Museum and galleries around NYC can act as our canvas in which to draw inspiration from and act as a vital and stimulating resource will be our subject matter.
We will visit Museums located on Museum Mile.

Students will learn pen and drawing techniques, using micron pens and Aquash waterbrush, and shading and mark-making. Watercolor techniques will also be

Course 1:                                      Course 2:
Afterschool Program 4-5:30pm         Saturday Morning 10-12 
Class Level: All levels                      Class Level: All levels
Age Requirements: 9-14                  Age Requirements: 11 and older
Average Class Size: 8                     Average Class Size: 10
Start Date: Monday Sept. 24      Start Date: Saturday Sept. 22
(8 sessions)                                    (8 sessions)
Location: Museum Venue changes    Location: Museum Venue changes
weekly. Will receive notification        weekly. Will receive notification
from Instructor.                              from Instructor.
Price: $450                                    Price $450

  • "Strathmore "Drawing Pads 6" x 8" "Strathmore" water-color pad 9" x 12" 
  • Pencils-(2) 2B Pencil, (2) 4B pencil 
  • 2 blending stumps and or chaimos cloth
  • "Micron" Pen: #2, #3 #5 
  • "Staedtler" plastic eraser and 5- arrow head erasers
  • two-holed pencil sharpener 
  • "Jack Richeson" watercolors (16 color set)
  • "Aquash" waterbrush and small container for water
  • water color brushes #6, #8 brand is "Simply Simmons" 

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